Busy Griefs, Raw Towns edited by GF Korreck


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29 voices, 1 unending song

The Poets of Busy Griefs, Raw Towns
Anya Bukovietski, Greg Bliss,  Carmen Bugan, Patricia Clark,
David Cope, Marcia Davis, Nellie deVries, Alban Fischer,
Linda Nemec Foster, Joy Gaines-Friedler, Robbi Hartt,
Bill Holm, Reka Jellema, Katie Kalisz, W. Todd Kaneko,
Neil Kaufman, GF Korreck, Scott Krieger, David W. Landrum,
Elizabeth McBride, Mary McKSchmidt, Mursalata Muhammad,
Jeff Munroe, Peg Padnos, Christine Rhein, Jack Ridl,
Christine Stephens-Krieger, Rodney Torreson, Debra Wierenga.

Now they go on explaining to those of us
too young or too indifferent, what a cold war is,
why a hot war won’t do

— Patricia Clark from "On the Night When Russian
Troops Attack a Power Plant"

As if the blood of every Ukrainian wasn’t enough.
— Linda Nemec Foster from "News Flash: Putin
Bathes in Deer Antler Blood"

You start to change the channel and the war stops
you with a kiss—

W. Todd Kanko from War Sonnet


All proceeds from the sale of Busy Griefs, Raw Towns are
forwarded to the International Rescue Committee (IRC) to
support continuing Ukraine relief efforts.