Restoration by Verediane Mukagatanazi


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In the follow-up to Ms. Verediane Mukagatanazi's memoir, You Are Not Alone,: A Rwandan Memoir, Verediane takes to the backseat to the narrative as her title shifts from genocide survivor to United States mother. Restoration sets its sights on Mother's children, particularly her oldest and youngest daughters, Joy and Grace. Having spent her life adjusting to new surroundings, Joy faces the struggle of coming to terms with ideas of culture clash and loneliness. Grace, the only child to have been born in the United States, finds herself fighting an eating disorder and depression as she tries to find her place amongst the world and her sisters.

Mother's recollection sees Grace's journey from diapers to the driver's seat as she learns to take control of both the wheel and her life. At times, the two girls could not be any more different, but difference, as Restoration discovers, is often due to separation.