Road Apples and Waffle Frolics - A Saga of Settlement in the Wabash Valley 1815-1960 by Robert S. Fortner


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This is a story about the settlement and development of western Indiana and eastern Illinois, especially two counties that abut one another along state lines. The story is told through the experiences of four families who were among the early residents of these counties and includes their confrontations with major events and movements from 1815 until 1960. These events include efforts to discourage black Americans from living in the states, including the adoption of “Jim Crow” laws, the rise of the Ku Klux Klan, the Temperance movement, the labor movement, the eugenics movement, and the participation of these families in various wars, including the Civil War in which eight members of the families fought for the Union cause. It is a story of perseverance in response to floods, struggles to get crops to market, the impact of the Depression, and general poverty. In that sense, it is the story of thousands of other settlers in these two originally western states.