By Roland K Lasher and Uncle Floyd, A Children’s Story, Coloring and Activity Book


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The Bad Mouth Boys, ”the meanest nastiest most lowdown, unpleasant thing that ever happened to a mouth…” Author artfully uses children’s imagination with FUNTASTIC cartoon characters and a cleaver story to teach boys and girls about their teeth.  While they color, complete the activities and read the story, they have fun, ask questions and learn the importance of good oral hygiene. They help Pete Prevention save Debbie Dazzle’s Smile during The Battle for Gum Gulch and Molar Ridge. The Story’s narrator, Macintosh Apple, sums it up best.  “Remember boys and girls to take care of your teeth everyday.  “You’ve learned how to prevent cavities and protect your beautiful smile.” So brush and floss your teeth in the morning and before you go to bed.”  Signed, Your Friend Macintosh.

story, characters, Illustrations, and design created

by Roland Lasher and Uncle Floyd