A Sad Day and other stories by RJ Prins


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The year is 1938 during the times of Adolf Hitler and Caleb Spiegel, is trying to get his family out of Nazi Germany before the Gestapo and the SS take his family. Can Caleb find help before it’s too late?

Simon Ward is trying to reconnect with his son, Morris, while a mob boss forces Jerry to come to the table of selling his land because of iron ore deposits. Can Simon find a way to keep his land and be able to reconnect with his son?

Jerry Ward is divorced, and lost half of his Father’s fortune. He attempts to reconnect with his son. What Jerry finds out about his son is that the stepfather is causing physical abuse. In the mean time a bear is terrorizing Jerry’s homestead.

Sterling Neville is sent to land a contract deal with a camping resort. Can Sterling persuade his brother Shaun to sell out the resort or will it be a failure?