Satisfying Strength by John Gillette


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“SATISFYING STRENGTH” — is a book of Christ-centered thoughts . . . Biblically based truths . . . and practical and personal insights of encouragement and experiences. It came about as a result of John’s invitation for us to join him in a Bible Study in our home on Wednesdays this past year. (John is a friend, neighbor, and fellow pastor and we have talked often over the years. John’s rich experience as a pastor, teacher, husband, father and grandfather have been a major inspiration to us.)

To know John Gillette is to know a dear brother with a passionate heart for God and a person with a unique ability for expressing Biblical truth in a very heart-felt and personal way. Since the Book of Psalms is packed full of practical and personal illustrations of God’s truth in action, no doubt you will be encouraged and challenged to live out your faith by these truths. If you have a desire to grow in your love for God . . . love for the Word . . . and the opportunity to be encouraged and challenged in your walk with the Lord in a simple and practical way . . . this book is for you! Our prayer is that you will find this book and study outlines as profitable for you as they have been to us! ENJOY!

Pastor Joe and Barb Gerkin

Grand Rapids, MI