A Scarlet Rain by Della Marie


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This is my story, although many have found it to be their story too. Some have even said, "Everybody's story is somewhere under this cover." If you don't find yourself in these pages, then it's simply my story. If you do, then it's your story also. We can only believe that sharing our stories will bring healing to the masses who have found themselves in our skin and by reaching out to others we just may shed some of our own. 

A remarkable journey of hardship and growth told with inherent courage in the midst of great fear. Della becomes our teacher as her poetry moves us with her through unspeakable pain towards acceptance, forgiveness, gratitude and healing.    J. M. Ross 

Powerful and Profound!!! Della paints a canvas of words so impacting; it draws you into the story with her. Nola Twining