Starfish by Bill Jack


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In a late mid-life crisis, Will Bennett, wonders ‘Is this all there is?’  The answer is to put himself, his spouse, Judge Alexandra Kennedy, and his friends in mortal danger as he becomes a courier in the Underground Railroad from Mexico to Canada for young girls escaping the Mexican cartel who is selling them into sex slavery.


“The only mystery is why he keeps writing these.”

                                                            The Author’s Book Club

“This book is a hidden gem.  Let’s hope it stays that way.”

                                                            The Author’s best friend.

“He made $11.89 in royalties last year.  What is he thinking?”

                                                            The Author’s daughter

“Please, please don’t give up your day job – ever.”

                                                            The Author’s spouse

“I’m quite certain it’s his mother’s fault.  It almost always is.”

                                                            The Author’s therapist.


About  the  Author

            This is Bill’s sixth novel in the Will Bennett and Alexandra Kennedy series.  Bill practices law in West Michigan and his spouse, Rebecca Sitterly, practices law in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  The true Lacy B has earned a lot of frequent flyer miles.