Sushi the Cat by Pamela Alderman


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Sushi the Cat, by author and artist Pamela Alderman, addresses respect and friendship. In this book, children will enjoy the delightful antics of Ella and her cat, Sushi. By highlighting the importance of understanding, sharing, and companionship, Sushi the Cat teaches young readers and listeners how to treat others. When we show respect to others, we open the way to make new friends.

Pamela Alderman started painting as a ten-year-old, when her mom enrolled her in an adult art class. Her dad taught her how to draw on paper napkins after dinner. Decades later, Pamela’s artwork expanded from individual paintings to include community-based projects with a focus on healing and resilience. Sushi the Cat was inspired while Pamela worked for her church as a conversational English teacher in Japan, where she met her husband, Leon. Thirty years later, Pamela traveled to Japan again and experienced the extraordinary kindness and respect of the Japanese people. These gracious encounters inspired Pamela to share those values through Sushi the Cat.