Syntaxis by Lee Goldstein


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"The poem often crosses many planes of existence: the objective realities of living and politics; the less objective world of illusion; individual consciousness; subconscious, and what I like to think of as having its own singular existence: spirituality beyond religion.

When a poem can be read once, and fathomed, I wonder about its depth. Poems not offering challenge are hardly even at the complex human surface.

There is a quality in this poetry, as one can struggle with a deep koan and its meaning, yet ultimately realize the truth of emptiness.

At first that surface appears impenetrable, yet persistence often finds the world of the author and therefore recognizes scars, or open wounds - this recognition is communication rarely coded with words, but with the visceral sense free of any surface - emotional yet beyond emotion. These are things the explorer can find in the following pages."

~ Steve Creson, Poet


The Author was raised in Winnetka, a suburb of Chicago, and holds two master's degrees in areas of mathematics in which he was a teaching fellow. He worked briefly at NASA in the 1980's and has published philosophy and poetry in the small press since the 1990's. Presently, he resides in Lawrence, Kansas.