Ten-Minute Plays by Edward Bloor


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Play Synopses:


Prince of Peace—A young journalist is confronted by an interview subject in a funeral home.

The Even-Littler Match Girl—An aging window dresser, who hates Christmas, faces off with a young woman from HR.

The Next Right Thing—A man in recovery must decide if it is right to prosecute a fellow AA member.

The East German Judge—An ice dancing couple squabble with each other over the reasons for their failure.

Weather Permitting—A young theme park worker stands up to an unscrupulous supervisor.

You Have a Match!—Two people meet in a library to discuss the common ancestors named in a DNA test.

A Zero-Sum Game—A white woman tutors an African American football player at an elite college.

Honor Flight—A Vietnam veteran visits The Wall in Washington, DC, for the first and last time.


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