There is Peace in the Valley by Carl Liptrot


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Born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Carl is the fourth youngest of 19 siblings. He realized his love of writing at a very young age and started submitting articles to various magazines. At the age of 16 Carl wrote a play called The Prodigal. It was a modern-day version of the parable in the 15th chapter of Luke. After college, he worked in the restaurant business, managing several restaurants, places like the Peninsular Club, where he worked for 20 years, starting out as a waiter, to becoming the assistant manager, as well as spending 10 years managing the Gilmore Collection. His hobbies include studying the Bible, playing golf, spending time with family, and of course writing. He’s the father of 3 daughters, Catherine Liptrot, Kayla Liptrot, and Katilyn Liptrot, all of Grand Rapids. Carl was ordained as a deacon in 2018 and has recently received various certificates and awards in Ministry Studies. Recently engaged, Carl’s philosophy has always been “Plan your work and work your plan.”