A True Phoenix by Michelle Reichartz


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Throughout the course of life; everyone encounters a great many things.  Most of them are dismissed as a passing experience; forgotten, never to be thought of again.  Then there are those things we encounter that change the course of our lives.  It may be as simple as a painting, a book, or a piece of music.

But for Lexi Matthews, that event was something far more tragic.  Something she would much rather forget.  For as long as she can remember; her life has been nothing but struggles, each one seemingly more painful than the last.  As she bounces from painful moment to painful moment, the only constants present in her life to cushion their blows are her best friend Zander, her job, and her favorite band; Phoenix Rising.  Her day to day life had become defined by her routine; a never ending vicious cycle, and a constant search for the peace missing in her life.

Then one day the tragic moment she never saw coming finally came.  Lexi is brutally raped by her boss.  In the midst of this Earth-shattering series of events, she finds herself thrown from the world she knows and into the presence of Phoenix Rising.  Thrown from her world and into theirs, Lexi would be forced to examine each and every piece of who she thinks she is or what she thinks is her life.  During their time together; she would transcend the boundary set in place by the stage and discover each band member’s own similarly painful and tragic moment.  With their help she would be forced to confront not only this moment, but also the deepest and darkest of her secrets.  With hers, three friends in turmoil would find friendship again.  Together they would unite against their darkest demons and discover the path to true happiness.

About the author
Michelle Reichartz is a woman of many interests. Born in West Allis, WI; she has always had a fascination with Mystery, Science Fiction, and the extraordinary; especially when they are fused together. With a passion for the bullied and abused, she writes with the belief that words can make miracles happen when you least expect it.