UnCollared: Confessions of a Nonconformist, a Memoir  by Jack Findlay


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UnCollared traces a Grand Rapids man’s road to self-discovery and fulfillment. As one reviewer encapsulated it: “Jack’s book has it all: God, golf, and gastronomy.”

Findlay’s no-holds-barred account of his life as Catholic priest and beyond will shock some and engender hope in others. His trail winds from caddying at Kent CC to dinner with Jack Nicklaus, from the sacramental altar to WXTO and WOTV, from a family therapy practice to teaching college English in a maximum security prison, from embracing the virtue of doubt to making hard choices for himself--and all the while relishing the role of devil’s advocate.

His love of and departure from the priesthood lies at the heart of the story and the man. His calling was to serve people. They came first, and institutions a distant second. Many called him a Jesuit, and others a humanist. He warms to both descriptions.

UnCollared will take you inside a ministry without borders. It’s worthy of your time.