The View from Gleninagh North by K.D. Norris


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Ah, Matty, a good Irish name, that!
Matthew Maybourn, a lifelong writer and recent widower, has left his middle-class, mid-life comfort zone. As an unplanned favor to a Hollywood friend and filmmaker, he is immersed in modern Ireland’s cultural landscape to write the impossible book: a sequel to The Quiet Man. An outsider in a small, rural village on Galway Bay, exploring other people’s life stories, Matty takes his risks, takes his lumps, in search of not only a novel idea but, maybe, a new meaning to his own life.
All with a View from Gleninagh North. 
K.D. Norris currently lives in Michigan with his beautiful wife TJ. He has published short stories in several regional anthologies, an essay in a The Mailer Review national publication, and has written numerous award-winning journalistic stories. For more on his professional and literary background, visit