What Will This Babbler Say? Preach to be Listened to and Not Just Heard by Benjamin Stanley Baker


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When Paul came into the city of Athens and went to the Areopagus—the Greek word for Mars Hill—philosophers of the city heard him preach what sounded, to them, like illogical and irrational thoughts. They questioned him by asking "What will this Babbler say?" The word babbler is the Greek word spermalogos, which is the image of a bird that picks up and drops seeds. 

The book you now hold in your hands has been prayerfully written to help all babblers—preachers who proclaim with Holy Spirit boldness, and with clear communication, the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Too much speech coming from our pulpits is oral ornamentation, vocal aerobatics, and rhetorical fluff put in the sermon structure, and too much pontificating goes under the pretense of preaching.

Benjamin Stanley Baker is a preacher, pastor, and professor. He is currently the pastor of Church of Abundant Life, Southfield, MI. He is on the faculty at University of Michigan-Dearborn and Henry Ford College.

He and his wife Carol have four children and four grandchildren. He can be contacted on his website www.pastorbakerministries.com or by email at pastorbakermin@yahoo.com.