Words for God's Daughters by Sameerah Shareef


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A 30-day Devotional for Powerful Women on the Move!

Greetings! I am Rev. Sameerah Shareef, ordained minister, nurse-midwife and most of all, a woman engaged in the uplift of others! I endeavor to serve the world as a healer, minister, teacher and visionary. This book, “Words For God’s Daughters”, was born as I went through a period of self-transformation. It was poured into and flowed out of me in time of deep distress and the need to hear from the one who knows me best, the Creator! (If you want to know more of my story, let me know!) 


I have been involved in caring for women, children and families for decades as I serve as mother, midwife, minister and mentor. It is through these callings that I came to understand that God’s Daughters need to know just how much God loves us. It is my hope that what is shared in these pages will speak to the beauty and divinity in each woman that reads them. You are God’s Daughter and nothing will ever change that.


You are God's Daughter and nothing will ever change that.