Write Michigan 2013 Anthology


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"In the beginning, writing requires great faith, because you start with nothing but a driving belief that there is something there, something bigger than you, something that just might change not only your life but also the lives of others." 
--Wade Rouse,
from his Foreword to 2013 Write Michigan Anthology 

Nearly 600 writers from across Michigan began with a driving belief that their writing could change lives. Each one entered the first annual Write Michigan Contest intent on putting their short stories in front of judges’ and readers’ eyes. This book presents the winners in both categories—17 and under, 18 and older—selected for the Judges’ Choice awards and the Readers’ Choice awards. 

We invite you to dive into these winning stories to enter worlds that don’t exist any more, those that we inhabit today, and those worlds we may find ourselves in sometime in the future. Your minds and hearts will expand as you read these stories imagined by your fellow Michigan writers who had the faith to put their dreams into words and whose words may just change the world. 

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Visit www.writemichigan.org for information on the Write Michigan Contest.