Write Michigan 2014 Anthology


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"Maybe you don't have the wadded-up papers of false starts like little mushrooms growing around your desk. Some of you winning writers might have had amazing first efforts pour forth. I think this often happens with young writers who have a pure, powerful earnestness that can make a story shine right away. Congratulations to you, too. This is rare, and akin to magic when it happens, so soak it up as fuel for the next time, when it doesn't come so easily."

-Kristina Riggle, from her foreword to Write Michigan 2014 Anthology 

Nearly 900 writers from accross Michigan entered the second annual Write Michigan Short Story Contest. The contest offers opportunities for writers in three categories- 11 and under, 12-17  years old and age 18 and older- with three cash prizes awarded in each category. Entering a story amounts to holding your dreams, ideas, visions, joys and sorrows up to the glaring light of others' opinions. First a group of 144 volunteer reviewers narrowed the field to 10 semifinalists in each category. A panel of judges, most published authors themselves, then reviewed the semifinalists' stories to see which ones shone the brightest, while the public cast over 3500 votes for their favorites.

This anthology of short stories offers the brightest gems imagined by Michigan writers. Printed in these pages are sixteen stories, including the Judges' Choice, Judges' Choice Runner-Up, Readers' Choice and published finalists in each of the three categories. These stories shine and we invite you to feel their magic.

Visit www.writemichigan.org for information on the Write Michigan Contest.