Write Michigan 2015 Anthology


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Over 700 brave souls from across Michigan entered the third annual Write Michigan Short Story Contest. The contest offers opportunities for writers in three categories — 11 and under, 12–17 years old, and age 18 and older — with three cash prizes awarded in each category.

Entering a writing contest takes courage! It amounts to holding your dreams, ideas, visions, joys and sorrows up to the glaring light of others’ opinions. First a group of 155 volunteer reviewers narrowed the field to 10 semifinalists in each category. A panel of judges, most published authors themselves, then reviewed the semifinalists’ stories to see which ones showed the most moxie, while the public cast over 4,200 votes for their favorites.

Write Michigan invites you to celebrate the gutsiness of these wonderful writers by enjoying the seventeen stories printed in these pages, including the Judges’ Choice, Judges’ Choice Runner-Up, Readers’ Choice, and published finalists in each of the three categories.

Visit www.writemichigan.org for information on the Write Michigan Contest.