Yiayia and Papou by Christine Skoutelas


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Tom and Glykeria share memories of their early years living as goat herders in a remote mountain village in Greece as their daughter-in-law, Christine, documents their probably-true tales of winters without shoes, baths without soap, schools without classrooms, recipes without measurements - and so much more! Continuously recording on her laptop, Christine is entertained by (and fed by) her in-laws as she interrogates them about everything she can think of, hearing stories about their youth from the time they are toddlers until the day they get married. While Tom and Glykeria’s early life experiences are often unimaginable adventures, their engaging personalities, their love for family, and their occasional back-and-forth bickering are totally relatable. Anyone with relatives from the old country will thoroughly enjoy this hilarious and heartfelt account of communicating with family members who have semi-understandable English and an unbelievable history.