You Are Not Alone: a Rwandan Memoir by Verediane ​​​​​​Mukagatanazi


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Sounds of artillery rattled the house as if it were a toy. Inside, a frightened parent and her children lie underneath a mattress, unsure if it spelled the end of them. You Are Not Alone tells the story of author Verediane Mukagatanazi from her small town upbringing to her survival through the 1994 Rwandan Genocide. With only her three children by her side, Verediane is tested of her faith as she witnesses Hell on Earth. Protecting her family proves to be both a struggle and the most important thing in her life.

Despite the life she endures, A Rwandan Memoir proves to be a heartwarming story of family values and faith in the least certain of times. Verediane opens her mind and her heart to anyone willing to turn the pages.