Zaylie - A Passover Story by Bill Rosenthal


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It is the night of the first Seder, the first night of the Passover, Zaylie’s father raises the matzo for all to see “this is the bread of affliction…” he reads from the Haggadah when the crashing sounds give way as German soldiers shatter the door to the apartment. He grabs his daughter and shoves her in the direction of the back door.  “Run” is all he has time to say.  And Zaylie’s story begins.

Private Max Meijer’s unit from the 82nd lands behind enemy lines in France, and Max’s story begins. Szmul, son of itinerant actors, finds himself in Warsaw when the Germans come, and his story begins. Pinchus, the scholar, warns the Jews of his village to get away before the Germans come, but they cannot seem to understand no matter how hard he tries, and his story begins.

Their lives will bring them together, and their story will begin.