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Book Days
An easy way to raise funds for your non-profit! Schedule a calendar week at your nearest Schuler and encourage your supporters, staff and clients to shop with us during that week. At the end, 20% of all designated purchases go directly to your organization!

Book Days Request Form
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Reach Out
An awareness-raising opportunity for educational and nonprofit groups. Just schedule with your nearest Schuler location and we’ll provide a table and chairs for your volunteers in a prominent spot in the store, on a Saturday when shopping traffic is brisk. You’ll have a couple of hours to engage folks in conversation and hand out your brochures, business cards and other promotional items.
Business-to-Business Pricing
Whether it’s for staff training, seminars, or corporate gifts, there are times when your company may need several copies of a book. Schuler Books is enrolled in B2B pricing programs with all of the major publishers, allowing us to pass on substantial savings to your organization, and allowing you to purchase the books you need within your community without spending more than you would online.
Corporate Catering
If you’ve visited any of our Chapbook Cafes, you know the tempting and delicious items on our menu. We can bring these satisfying dishes to your place of business, saving you valuable time and giving your staff and guests a break from the same old fast-food choices. Our catering menu is on, and we’d be happy to provide copies for your office, as well.
Seminar and Guest Speaker Support
For those of you who have the opportunity to bring guest speakers to Grand Rapids, and in particular if the speaker is a published author; a quick call or email will bring their books, sales equipment and trained Schuler staff to your event, allowing attendees to talk one-on-one with the author while purchasing autographed copies. For our nonprofit partners there’s an additional option of running the sale with your own staff, using our equipment and selling books we provide, with a percentage of the total sales going to your organization when it’s all over.

For more info email or visit your closest Schuler location.