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While traveling in the Swiss Alps, a pair of Englishmen who are in the midst of a discussion about the possible types of Utopias find themselves suddenly transported into a parallel world — a planet seemingly identical to Earth, yet radically different, as they will learn. This Utopia exists as a single allied state, with a common language and perfect equality, under the rule of a voluntary order of nobility known as the Samurai. The travelers are mightily impressed by this harmonious society, but what will the Utopians think of their guests?
Better known for his formative works in science fiction, H. G. Wells also took a lively interest in politics and society. In this 1905 novel, the visionary author blends philosophical discussion with an imaginative narrative that offers a persuasive and ever-valid argument for his socialist ideals. This new edition of A Modern Utopia is enhanced with a series of atmospheric engravings from the original publication.