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Elementary Tagalog is the leading beginner Tagalog textbook and Tagalog language learning package.

Elementary Tagalog's comprehensive approach will help students master Tagalog, the language of the Philippines--also known as Filipino or Pilipino. From learning to read Tagalog words and pronounce sounds to using correct Tagalog grammar and building vocabulary, learners will be surprised at how quickly their skills develop. The expert guidance in Elementary Tagalog is ideal both for true beginners and heritage learners who grew up in Filipino-speaking communities or families. The accompanying 2-hour long downloadable audio improves listening comprehension and ensures correct pronunciation.

Covering a range of topics, the Tagalog language lessons center on themes of the family, the home, and the community--including food, travel, health, leisure time, festivals, and popular culture. There are plenty of exercises, activities, and practice drills to help learners acquire and master Tagalog language fundamentals, while culture notes explore the diversity, heritage, and history of the Philippines.

Elementary Tagalog is composed of twenty-four lessons divided into eight units. Each lesson contains:

  • Cultural Notes--at the beginning of each unit these offer explanations of social, economic, and historical aspects of Filipino society
  • A Vocabulary List--located within each lesson, it ties into the theme of the unit
  • Reading and Reading Comprehension--given mostly in the form of Tagalog language dialogues, these are designed to expose the students to real-life conversations as might be had by native Filipino speakers.
  • Three Active Learning Activities-- these follow the dialogue comprehension in each lesson, and ask students to employ new Tagalog vocabulary.
  • The Grammar Section--divided into four parts: definitions of terms, examining form, grammar presentation, and grammar notes.
  • Practice Exercises and Activities--target speaking Tagalog, reading Tagalog, writing Tagalog and Tagalog listening skills.
  • Accompanying Downloadable Audio--listening activities to reinforce Tagalog learning is also included with the book
  • Available separately is the companion Elementary Tagalog Workbook

This helpful workbook will assist you in practicing and polishing your Filipino language skills, offering a range of exercises and practice opportunities to enable you to achieve proficiency in everyday, conversational Tagalog.

Product Details
ISBN-13: 9781462914562
Publisher: Tuttle Publishing
Publication Date: June 1st, 2014