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The heinous transatlantic chattel slave trade in African bodies was executed by a presidium syndication of royals, Quakers, churches, theologians, philosophers of religion, historians, intellectuals, anthropologists, scientists, European invented Jews ( The Jews and the Expansion of Europe to the West. 1450-1800, edited by Paolo Bernardini and Norman Fiering) The Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign parts and Intellectuals. The slave trade was a nefarious system and institution based on cultural racism, avariciousness, inveterate mendacities, economic rapacity for empire building and political hegemony of Britain in Europe and the world. There was no sodality or encomium in the slave trade. Rather, it was the most egregious and unparalleled holocaust-genocide, racial- war in mans chronological history. The syndication of peoples and institutions used the apparition of an invented Caucasian Jesus Christ as Redeemer of the world without any historical evidence to brutally enslaved and murdered Africans that they had kidnapped into forceful displacement, deracination, morcellation and enslavement. Africans were deracinated (forcefully displaced) (brutally uprooted without any regard for the community, customs, traditions, religious customs- practices) with morcellation that truncated gregarious African families, societies institutions, kingdoms and communities. Reparations were made by Britain at the end of the slave trade to the planters and nothing to the African slaves. (20,000.000). (Nicholas Draper-The Price of Emancipation Slave-ownership, Compensation and British Society at the End of Slavery). African slaves were left in a state of penury, facing systems and institutions of racism, inverse-development, abandonment and destitution. The legacy and impact of the profligate slave trade on Africa is pandemic in Africa today with the psychological and theological impact on Africans confidence, self-determination, economic empowerment, heuristic critical theological liberation and technological advancement are at a point of paralysis throughout Africa and it is horrendous to experience it in the twenty first century.

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