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In this allegorical journey, a traveler sets out on an expedition to discover life’s greatest secret.

The nature of time is an age-old question that has been pondered by mankind for centuries, leading to many a quest for the illusive fountain of youth. What is time? How is it measured? Can we affect time? How can it be optimized for people to fulfill their life’s purpose?

In Timeless, Kathy and Victor Brook blend elements of reality, fantasy, history, spirituality, and science to take readers on one traveler’s journey covering the four corners of the earth, armed with an unquenchable thirst for destiny’s call to understand the truth of human experience. Told in first-person narration, readers watch the traveler’s evolution as he discovers ancient artifacts and allows them to guide his journey and take him through lessons from ancient civilizations. Young and old alike hold their breath with the traveler at each stage of his journey as he moves closer to unveiling life’s greatest secret—and cascading through time.