The Gospel of Wealth (Condensed Classics) (Kobo eBook)

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The Definitive Edition of Andrew Carnegie’s Classic on How Wealth Is Won—and Rightly Used

Here is a unique edition of The Gospel of Wealth in which Carnegie’s original statement is combined with its two sequels for a full-circle experience of the industrialist’s meditation on purposeful money-getting.

PEN Award-winning historian Mitch Horowitz introduces this volume and weaves together Carnegie’s essays for an illuminating journey through the thought of one of history’s wealthiest men.

In this expanded and definitive edition of Carnegie’s writing on wealth you will discover the industrialist’s perspective on:

  • The law of competition and its necessity for human progress.
  • The proper way to spend fortunes and the problem of inheritance.
  • How mass wealth gets created.
  • The proper circumstances under which to get rich.

Mitch’s introduction provides the historical background of Carnegie’s work, and his weaving together of Carnegie’s essay with its follow-ups supplies the most complete insight into the financial thinking of one of the titans of modern commerce.