Booksigning with Adele Bradford Jones for her new book, Lifetime Journey – Your Family Story. (28th St.)

Saturday, April 28, 2012 - 11:00am to 3:00pm
2660 28th St SE
49512-1619 Grand Rapids

Have you ever wished you had one place to keep track of life events and capture family history as it happens?  “Lifetime Journey – Your Family Story” is that place. This journal contains a unique month and day calendar for easy posting of past and present events.  Keep the book in a familiar place so you will use it often.  Write down your personal thoughts, prayers, and musings; journal the first steps of your child, your vacations, and your own life changes making note of the year they happened.  Birth, marriage, and medical records can be kept in one place. Someday you might win a bet on what year you took that cruise to the Bahamas or when grandma forgot the sugar in the sugar cookies.  As years go by, you can see all the things that happened on a certain day.  There is also a special place to write down the precious things your children and grandchildren say and do.  This is a great gift for brides, new mothers, as well as grandmothers.  It will become a lifetime family treasure.