Hendrik Meijer presents the authoritative bio of Grand Rapids politician Arthur Vandenberg

Tuesday, November 21, 2017 - 7:00pm

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ISBN: 9780226433486
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Published: University of Chicago Press - October 16th, 2017

Meet Grand Rapids author, and Meijer Inc. Executive Chairman, Hendrick Meijer as he presents his newest acclaimed biography, 27 years in the making! In the sweeping new book Arthur Vandenberg: The Man in the MIddle of the American Century, Meijer paints the fullest portrait ever presented of Senator Arthur H. Vandenberg of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Arthur Vandenberg is not someone who comes to mind when naming great American political leaders. But as this new biography reveals, Vandenberg was a pivotal figure in 20th-century American history, and his legacy as a legislator and dealmaker should be a model for anyone in politics today.

Praise for Arthur Vandenberg: The Man in the MIddle of the American Century

“Every member of Congress should read this book for a lesson in leadership. The story of Vandenberg's switch from a pre-World War II partisan isolationist to one of the chief architects of post-war international institutions highlights how essential it is for a leader to learn from his times. But to be effective, Vandenberg also understood that he had to work in a relentlessly bipartisan manner, which wasn't easy then as it isn't now.  Still, he succeeded.” —Cokie Roberts

“Meijer’s engaging biography traces Vandenberg’s evolution – from a young politician drawn toward isolationism, to a decisive proponent of the United Nations and an enduring American world role. Meijer has produced an affecting human portrait of a public servant who came to symbolize the bipartisan pursuit of the national interest and a more peaceful world.” —Henry A. Kissinger

“Hendrik Meijer's Arthur Vandenberg is an important contribution to 20th century U.S. political history. Meijer brilliantly captures the bipartisan spirit of NATO, the Marshall Plan, and much more, which Vandenberg embodied. A landmark achievement.” —Douglas Brinkley, author of Rightful Heritage

“A detailed and admiring biography of Arthur Vandenberg. . . . Meijer gives us a portrait of a politician with somewhat of an old-school manner; he was an orator, a backroom master, and a strategist who loved hearing good things about himself (are there politicians who don't?). Principally, he shows us a man who believed in working with rather than condemning his colleagues. A sturdy and necessary biography of a politically principled man who is sadly fading into obscurity.” —Kirkus Reviews

About Arthur Vandenberg: The Man in the MIddle of the American Century

The idea that a Senator—Republican or Democrat—would put the greater good of the country ahead of party seems nearly impossible to imagine in our current climate of gridlock and divisiveness. But this hasn’t always been the case.

Arthur H. Vandenberg (1884–1951), Republican from Grand Rapids, Michigan, was the model of a consensus builder.  The coalitions he forged formed the foundation of American foreign policy as we know it today.  Yet, despite his significance, Vandenberg has never received the full public attention he is due—until now. With this authoritative biography, Arthur Vandenberg: The Man in the MIddle of the American Century, author Hendrik Meijer reveals how Vandenberg built and nurtured the bipartisan consensus that created the American Century.

“One pundit proposed Arthus Vandenberg be ‘president of the world’,” Meijer writes. “Edward R. Murrow called him ‘the central pivot of the era’. With the advent of the Cold War, Americans turned to him for guidance and wisdom—for the very security that had been his lifelong obsession. Decades later, the qualities that defined him are again in demand. But who was he?”

Originally the editor and publisher of the Grand Rapids Herald, Vandenberg was appointed and later elected to the Senate in 1928.  Four years later he emerged as an outspoken opponent of the New Deal and a leader among the isolationists who resisted FDR’s efforts to aid European allies at the onset of World War II. But Vandenberg also recognized the need for unity at the dawn of a new world order—and the need for support of a new vision of America’s future.  As the Republican voice on foreign policy, he worked closely with Democratic administrations to build the strong bipartisan consensus that established the Marshall Plan, the United Nations, and NATO. Vandenberg, as Meijer reveals, was instrumental in organizing Congressional support for these monumental twentieth-century foreign policy decisions.

Vandenberg’s life and career offer powerful lessons for today, and Meijer has given us a story that suggests an antidote to our current democratic challenges. After reading this poignant biography, many will ask: Where is the Vandenberg of today?

About the Author

Hendrik Meijer worked as a reporter and editor before joining Meijer, Inc., where he is executive chairman. He is the author of a biography of his grandfather, Thrifty Years: The Life of Hendrik Meijer and the executive producer of the documentary America’s Senator: The Unexpected Odyssey of Arthur Vandenberg.