Local Author Night

Wednesday, June 14, 2017 - 7:00pm

Schuler Books & Music
2660 28th Street SE 
Grand Rapids, MI 49512

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ISBN: 9781460294505
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Published: FriesenPress - February 8th, 2017

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Published: Sourcebooks Landmark - June 6th, 2017

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By Terri Tate, Anne Lamott (Foreword by)
ISBN: 9781622037391
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Published: Sounds True - November 1st, 2016

Join us for a panel presentation by accomplished authors from the state of Michigan. Featured authors are Tim Keenan, author of The Good Hike, the story of how Tim came to peace with his Vietnam-induced PTSD via a thru-hike of the 2,178.3-mile Appalachian Trail; Terri Tate, author of the inspiring memoir, A Crooked Smile; Jacquelyn Vincenta, author of The Lake and the Lost Girl, a riveting story of love, obsession, and the unraveling of one family from the inside out; and Elizabeth Weigandt, author of the anthropomorphic fantasy novel Queen Bee.

About The Good Hike by Tim Keenan:

In 1967, Tim Keenan grew to loathe the impenetrable jungle of Vietnam during his one-year tour of duty as a combat soldier. For 47 years, he couldn’t shake his dread of the woods, until he confronted his fears head on and began a thru-hike of the 2,178.3-mile Appalachian Trail.

The Good Hike is Keenan’s story of finally coming to peace with himself, buoyed by the healing powers of nature and his fellow hikers. His story weaves in the beautiful towns and mountains of the great Appalachian trail with the jungle and battle zones around Dak To, including the infamous Hill 1338.

Keenan also tells a story of love. His trail partner helped him face his PTSD and cope with the trail’s intense rigors. Most importantly, she taught him how to love again.

The Good Hike will make you smile and laugh. And it will make you cry.

Praise for The Good Hike

“War made Tim Keenan afraid to go into the woods. All 2,178.3 miles of the Appalachian Trail helped heal him. A brave journey into the wilderness of PTSD, with beauty and love on the other side.” —Mardi Jo Link, author of The Drummond Girls and Bootstrapped

“The Good Hike is the story of an epic journey that helped the author confront his combat related PTSD issues while experiencing the beauty of the wilderness and love and support of his hiking partner. It is the blend of a hiking story, a war story and a love story.” —Mike Lawton, 1st. Lt. A company, 3rd battalion, 12th infantry, 4th Infantry Division, 1967/68

TIM KEENAN was born and raised in Grand Rapids, graduating Ottawa Hills in 1964. He is a veteran of the US Army, a graduate of Grand Valley State, and served as Community Corrections Manager of Antrim, Grand Traverse, and Leelanau until his retirement in 2008. He currently resides in Traverse City, MI.  Tim is also the subject of an award winning documentary, NANEEK, directed by Neal Steeno.


About A Crooked Smile by Terri Tate

 A renowned humorist and oral cancer survivor shares her inspirational story

How do you keep going when the doctors give you a two percent chance of survival? For Terri Tate, it was a blend of faith, perseverance, prescription-strength humor—and most of all, a heart that never quit. “I had to stop reproaching myself for not being able to adhere to any one system of treatment,” writes Terri. “I needed to create my own recipe for healing.”

A Crooked Smile: A Memoir (on sale November 2016, foreword by bestselling author Anne Lamott) is Terri’s irresistible story of her journey through diagnosis, surgeries, the labyrinth of modern health care, and into surprising new adventures in self-discovery. With her wry ability to illuminate the profound and the absurd, she invites us to experience her ride on the emotional roller-coaster of fear and hope; personal experiences with pretty much every spiritual practice ever devised; long bargaining and bitching sessions with a very stubborn God; and how the truly meaningful and joyous gifts of life always revealed themselves at the most unexpected times.

“This book is the story of her journey, the amazing people she met along the way, the quirky peace she has found. It’s thrilling in its insight and first-rate storytelling. She’s come through a mess, and like all great people you’d love to know better, she’s a bit of a mess. So you want her to come sit next to you at the table, and tell you her story-- that the world did not scroll out the way it was supposed to. This book is a chance to sit with her for a while. What she found was what we all seek, the richest gift that life has to offer, and the reason we are here. She found and fell in love with her wild divine gorgeous screwed up and deeply human self. You can tell that I love her and love love love this book. They contain treasures. Come on in.” –Anne Lamott

Praise for A Crooked Smile

 “With a thirst for life, Terri Tate endures the mystery of acceptance until the jewel of who we are finally shines. With a tender strength, she shows with great honesty how nothing short of our full humanity can lead us through trouble to the gift we each carry within.” —Mark Nepo, author of Inside the Miracle and The One Life We’re Given

About the Author

TERRI TATE is a psychiatric nurse specialist and inspirational humorist. Terri was first diagnosed with disfiguring oral cancer in 1991. She is a nationally recognized speaker, storyteller, and a consultant who uses lessons from her own struggle to help support anyone facing life challenges. For more info, visit territate.com


About The Lake and the Lost Girl by Jacquelyn Vincenta

A riveting story of love, obsession, and the unraveling of one family from the inside out.

Local romance author Lydia Carroll only knows one version of the MSW story: her husband's. English professor Frank Carroll has been fixated on the mystery of her disappearance for years, crafting a narrative based on Mary's poetry and journals that insist that Mary lived past that night in 1939.

As Frank's behavior grows more erratic, Lydia sees that his interest in Mary has evolved into an obsession―one that threatens to destroy the family they have built together. Lydia throws herself into the mystery, hoping to solve it and bring peace back to her home. But as Lydia begins investigating, her son takes action with a plan of his own...one that will bring the family to a breaking point and change Lydia's destiny forever.

Praise for The Lake and the Lost Girl

"Jacquelyn Vincenta spins a haunting tale of madness and obsession wrapped around the mysterious disappearance of a brilliant poet. Sweeping back and forth in time, from the 1930s to the end of the 20th century, Vincenta keeps you turning pages as she takes you on a journey that explores the complexities of marriage and families, professional quests as well as one's deepest, darkest passions." - Renee Rosen, bestselling author of What the Lady Wants

"A riveting story of love and obsession when a scholar's infatuation with a dead poetess throws his family into a dangerous matrix of love, hate, truth and deception which threatens his own sanity and his family's destruction." - Shelley Noble, New York Times bestselling author of Whisper Beach

"The Lake and the Lost Girl is a compelling tale, a web of life's interruptions deftly woven to mirror our gifts and frailties. With insight and care, Vincenta braids secret after secret into a tapestry of truth that reveals the stubbornness of our dreams, the ache of our losses, and the fiber of what helps us through. I couldn't put it down." - Mark Nepo, author of The One Life We're Given and The Way Under the Way

"Rife with secrets and tight with suspense, this is a timely and timeless exploration of the price of delusions. Wise, honest, and beautifully rendered, The Lake and the Lost Girl brings a wonderful new voice to the literary world." - Beth Harbison, New York Times bestselling author of Shoe Addicts Anonymous and Hope in a Jar

JACQUELYN VINCENTA began her writing career as a police beat reporter for a daily Louisiana newspaper. She established a publishing company specializing in international trade issues and acted for many years as managing editor. She lives in Kalamazoo, Michigan, where she focuses on writing, environmental projects, family, friends, and nature.


About Queen Bee by Elizabeth Weigandt

It's not easy being different - especially when you are one of thousands in a hive. Manuka knows as a worker bee, she's only supposed to do her job and not ask questions. But her head is so full of ideas that could improve life in the hive that sometimes they just pop out of her mouth. Typically, this gets her in trouble - especially when she starts to question why bees in her hive are getting sick. As Manuka and her friend Cotton get closer to the answer, they cross Acacia, the Queen Bee's Chief Attendant. Acacia banishes them to the outside world, where they are forced to fend for themselves. Although dangerous, this world also offers hope. Manuka finds new friends - including a fierce but friendly bumblebee, a lovesick male bee, and a fast-talking hummingbird - and learns of a Sacred Tree that may hold the cure for what ails the hive. However, Manuka must face Acacia once again - and Acacia has more than one deadly secret that could mean the end of everyone and everything that Manuka loves. Queen Bee is a celebration of the power of individuals and ideas. It is also a story about how finding your destiny can be the same as finding yourself

ELIZABETH WEIGANDT lives and writes in Grosse Pointe Michigan. She is an author who likes to explore the different ways that humans - and sometimes animals and insects - live and work together. She especially enjoys creating characters, such as Manuka, who make their dreams come true through ingenuity, grit, and determination. Fans of Queen Bee will be delighted to learn that it is the first in a series that will follow the adventures of Manuka and her friends.