Talk all things plants with Rick Vuyst

Thursday, November 12, 2020 - 7:00pm

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Have you found yourself talking to your plants? Or maybe you’ve been telling yourself, just one more plant baby? Well, Rick Vuyst doesn’t think those are bad things during a pandemic, in fact he believes plants are helping to save the day in 2020. Join us as we discuss this and more with Rick on Facebook LIVE. 


An uplifting positive book of how throughout history and again in 2020 plants helped save the day. Plants often appear to have outstretched arms reaching to the sun. The energy they produce reaps rewards and benefits for both the plant and us. The Kazakh language has a saying that in its literal translation means “I see the sun on your back.” What it means: “Thank you for being you. I am alive because of your help.” Today we need that more than ever. 

This book is my unique validation and spin of the concept some call biophilia and the never changing need for the human connection with plants, earth, and nature in an ever rapidly changing world. I call it my “need to change my plants.” In times of crisis, plants have always helped save the day. A “plant-demos” broke out in the year 2020 and it gave me 2020 vision. I share those thoughts with you. 

Questions are answered such as: Why does it seem weeds get all the attention? What plant significantly impacted the “jean” pool? What is “viriditas” and why was there a resurgence in 2020? What is anachronism and why was it important in 2020? How does a “warrior” tend to his or her garden? When the world’s on fire do you get a garden hose? How an11-year-old, Diana Hopkins, helped convince a US President that gardening is essential. Were the times truly unprecedented or does history repeat itself? How Fra Mauro understood everyone has a story and why that’s important.

Each of us have “Oakley’s” in our lives. Learn how they impacted my life. Learn a favorite terrestrial earthy word that teaches us understanding intuitively with empathy. Why does rain smells like gratitude? How do plants use the mnemonic “sleep, creep, leap” to teach us something about ourselves? Why talking to your plants is not such a silly idea. Why the hoarding of toilet paper in 2020 should not have been a surprise, and how there is historical precedent….if it happens again the 8 best plants nature gives us as a substitute for toilet paper. What is quintessential normalcy? Why nature and plants make us feel better. What is tactical dispersal and how has it made history? Learn how disease forces change in the plant world. 

What were the 4 things Mom used to fix everything? Why do some plants have holes in the leaves and what does it teach us? How a German alchemist impacted our world and daily life with P. Why gardening and exercise can improve your quality of life. Why storms don’t just disrupt our lives…they clear a path. Why negativity is contagious. Why is coffee is the favorite drink of the civilized world? Why we “xyst” for time with trees? Are some trees shy or are they social distancing? Does a tree live forever? What is “plantasm” and do you have “plantosmia”? What indoor plants can teach us, how they provide comfort in our living spaces, and how the Dutch have the perfect word for their impact on our indoor environment. How to kill a houseplant? Why the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree? What salads have taught me. Why inevitable change teaches us to cultivate our own garden· Why change is an opportunity to grow. How we each seek our own “vine and fig.”· How a weed came to the rescue in a time of war.


Rick Vuyst is host of the Flowerland show on NewsRadio WOOD 1300 and 106.9 FM and nationally on iHeart radio. ... In addition to gardening, Rick is a health enthusiast, an avid runner and loves photography on the Lake Michigan shoreline and in the garden where he lives in West Michigan.