Frequently asked questions for the Espresso Book Machine

What can we print?

We can print Print-on-Demand books that are in the public domain or that are still in copyright (if they are in the EBM database.) We will charge the publisher's suggested retail price. There are many Large Print Format titles available in the EBM Database.

We can print books that are out of print that are part of the public domain such as Google Books. We will charge according to the number of pages in the book.

  • 40-100 Pages     $8
  • 101-200 Pages   $10
  • 201-300 Pages   $12
  • 301-400 Pages   $14
  • 401-500 Pages   $16
  • 501-550 Pages   $18


Can I print my own book?

We offer Self-Publishing Services. You provide us with two print-ready PDF files: one for your book's interior pages and one for the cover, formatted the way you want them to look. We will upload your files and print a paperback edition of your book on high-quality paper and a full-color glossy cover, in any size you want from 4.75"x4.75" to around 8.25"x10.75". The EBM can print books from 40 pages to 550 pages long.

There is a Set-Up Fee of $75. That fee includes:

  1. Basic review of the PDF files (book cover and book text)
  2. upload of the file onto the book machine
  3. one proof copy for author approval
  4. inclusion of the book files in our catalog on the EBM to print more copies later if necessary.

(This set-up fee does not guarantee that we will carry your book in the store. If you want to be able to sell your book in our store and other bookstores, you will need an ISBN and Barcode.)

After the initial set-up, each book printed will be charged on a price-per page fee:

  • 40-99 Pages     $0.09
  • 100-149 Pages  $0.08
  • 150-199 Pages  $0.07
  • 200-249 Pages  $0.06
  • 250-299 Pages  $0.05
  • 300-550 Pages  $0.04 

Bulk purchase disount: Order 50+ copies of your book and get 10% discount.

Can I wait in store for the book to be printed?

At this point, we are not able to print the books immediately. The book should be ready the next day or two days later.

Color or Black and White?

The cover will be in color and the interior pages will be in black and white.

Can the book be illustrated?

Yes, the book can be illustrated. Please check the guidlines for scanning illustrations.

Do you offer cover designs?

We will have three cover templates to choose from for a $40 fee.

You need to provide us with a scanned image at 300dpi at the size of the front cover, the information you want on the front of the cover and the text you want on the back. You have the choice between three different templates. 

For a more personalized layout, you may want to contact a freelance graphic designer. We can help you find one

Can I make modifications to my book?

Yes. After the initial set-up and the printing of the proof copy, you may make modifications to your work. There will be a second set-up fee of $25 plus the cost of an additional proof copy (based on price per page).

Do you edit?

No. We do not offer editing services but we can put you in contact with professional editors. If you need help formatting your documents, creating a personalized cover, and/or converting your documents to print-ready PDF files, we can refer you to professionals.

Can we print an e-book? No, because of copyright issues. Also e-book files are not PDF usually.