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Welcome to our local author event application page! 

  • Do you have a published book, available through a publisher or Ingram? Congratulations, please read on below! 

  • Are you someone with a self-published title and looking for a way to see your book on our shelves, please check out our consignment program before filling out this application. 

So, you’ve released (or are preparing to release) your book into the world. You may be asking yourself now what? An author event is a great place to connect with people and share about your work. However, there is a little more that goes into this process then just choosing a date and location, we ask that you take the following things into consideration:

With increased access to self-publishing and small presses – including our own Chapbook Press --Schuler Books is receiving more requests for events than ever. Because of the volume of submissions we are not able to guarantee an event for every author. Therefore, we now are accepting Local Author Event Applications, which we will review to select the authors that we feel best fit the interests of our customers.

Many factors influence our selection, including subject, writing quality, production & editing, retail price, and the author’s personal plan for marketing the event.  We have years of experience in running events that fit the tastes of our customers and while your book may be perfect for an event in a certain market, it's not always a good fit for ours. If we select your book to be featured in a Local Author Event, we will contact you regarding scheduling. 

If your event is chosen to be a part of our calendar, we will become partners in promotion and marketing! We will do our part to advertise to our customers, but the most successful events are often driven by the promotions and determination of the author. We also want to acknowledge that certain factors are out of all of our control and an audience is never a guarantee, but we will work with you to make the event as successful as possible!

No matter how you publish your book, self-marketing is crucial in today’s book industry. A strong presence online helps the right readers find you and your potential author event. For tips on what marketing a book looks like, consider these resources:

You’ve made it this far and have a better grasp of what it takes to make an event successful. Great! Keep scrolling and fill out the following application carefully. Once your application is submitted, our event coordinator will carefully review the details and get back to you as soon as possible.

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