Machine Readable Files

This page and link contain access to the Machine Readable Files required under the Payer Transparency regulation found within the Cares Act of 2021.  The Regulation requires Plans and Issuers make public machine readable files that display all applicable  in-network provider negotiated rates (Provider Fee Schedules - including negotiated rates underlying fee schedules or derived amounts for covered items and services and billed charges and allowed amounts for covered items and services provided by out-of-network providers).

These files are digital representations of in- and out-of-network rate information, in the JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) format (which can be read only by a computer system).  If you are unable to open the MRF, you likely do not have the required software  on your computer to open a JSON file format.  Additionally, the size of the file requires a large amount of system resources to be manageable.  We recommend you work with your I.T. professionals for assistance if needed.  Most important, MRFs are meant to  be read by a computer system or software application, not by users.