Off-site Sales

Thank you for your interest in Schuler Books Off-site Sales program!

If you would like to sell books at an event you are hosting at another venue, the Off-site Sales program may be for you. Fill in the form below, describing your event and book needs, and we will get in touch with you to arrange logistics and craft a suitable list of titles for your event.

At the time of your event, we will prepare a sales kit for one of your staff or volunteers to pick up at your local Schuler Books location, and help you with any questions about how to use it. After the event, return the kit and any remaining books. Our accounting department will process the sales, and issue you a check for 20% of qualified purchases as a thank you for being the booksellers for your event. 

Please note: to allow adequate time for ordering and other logistics, we require a minimum 5 week notice for off-site sales requests.