Players compete to be the first to push six of their opponent's marbles off the board. The rules are easy and can be learned by almost anyone within a minute or two: • You can push one, two or three marbles at a time. • Your marbles can move one space, in a straight line or laterally. • Two marbles can push one and three marbles can push one or two of your opponent's marbles. However, an equal number of marbles cannot push each other (ie: 1 cannot push 1, 2 cannot push 2, etc).

That's it! It's a simple, fast moving and fun game involving subtle and profound strategy. With 4 million copies sold in over 30 countries, Abalone is one of the most popular strategy games of all time!

Contents: Game board 28 marbles (14 black and 14 white) Game rules
Price: $32.99