Just Good Food for Good Friends

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by Dirk Hoffius

"This entire book is filled to the brim with unfussy, approachable cooking. In other words, the food everyone wants to eat, all the time. The only problem is that after flipping through the pages, you'll wish you could score an invitation to eat at Dirk's house every night of the week!" - Alan Sytsma

"These recipes use ingredients you are likely to have on hand to create accessible, tasty dishes that will delight your friends and family." - Peachy Rentenbach, Restaurant consultant and former owner of La Becasse in Burdickville, Michigan

"As a professional chef I have always been taught that simple is best. Just Good Food For Good Friends exemplifies this philosophy." - Chris Perkey, Executive Chef, Kent Country Club

"Dirk Hoffius set out to preserve his favorite recipes for his family and, in the process, has done us all a favor. I found several "lost" recipes that my mother used to make that I intend to pass on to my children as my own." - George Heartwell, Mayor of Grand Rapids, Michigan, and chef de son maison

Quotes taken from book cover.
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