Kingtones 1964

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by Bruce Snoap

An insider’s view of The Kingtones’ 1964 Spring Break adventure taking over one of the most popular clubs in Fort Lauderdale Florida!

In 1957, the Kingtones, one of Grand Rapids’ most famous early rock and roll bands, began creating their musical legacy which lasted over half a century. They were one of the most enduring and successful regional rock groups from the state of Michigan.

During the freezing winter of 1964 the Kingtones were burning up the charts in Detroit and Grand Rapids with a hot bullet they recorded named “Twins.” Their performances were among the biggest entertainment news items in Michigan, as they shared the same stages with Bobby Vee, Del Shannon, The Beach Boys and Bobby Vinton.

With their confidence running high, they figured they could take the band down to Florida during the 1964 spring break and find a job playing in a nightclub. This captivating book is based on band member Bruce Snoap’s diary. It portrays their struggles with finding work for the band and earning money for food and expenses, as well as the amusing interactions of these band members who lived together in cramped, cheap motel rooms. Witness their camaraderie, the girls, the fights, the rejections, the laughter and their eventual triumph as they finally secured a job at Porky’s, one of the most popular nightclubs in Fort Lauderdale. Get ready to enjoy an insider’s view of a brief yet incredible part of the Kingtones fifty year career!
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