Prospective Authors

Consignment Program

Thank you for your interest in selling your books at Schuler Books & Music on a consignment basis!

Some of the things you will need to keep in mind are:

1.   Payments for book sales are made four times a year – April, July, October, and January. We will notify you when a payment is ready to be picked up. It is the author’s responsibility to notify us of any change in address or phone number.

2.   Your payment will be held for a period of 30 days. It is the author’s responsibility to pick up payments within this time frame.

3.   Authors receive 60% of the retail sale price; Schuler Books retains 40%.

4.   A $25 one-time service fee is required for each book, per store. This fee helps pay for the extra labor involved in tracking inventory and making individual payments. We also require a signed Consignment Sales Agreement, which is posted here, and is also available at each of the stores.

5.   It is the author's responsibility to deliver new inventory and pick up any unsold inventory.

6.   If the book sales are very low or nonexistent after a reasonable length of time (typically three to six months), we will discontinue carrying the book on our shelves and will ask you to pick up any unsold inventory. Any books not picked up after a reasonable period after notification will be donated to charity.

7.   Only published books are accepted in the consignment program. For help publishing your book, contact Pierre Camy at Schuler Books, at 616-942-7330.

If these terms are agreeable, please feel free to drop off 4-5 books, the signed agreement form (at link below,) and the service fee, to the Front Information Counter at any of our stores. Typically, it takes one to two weeks for new books to be processed and put on our shelves. As with all inventory we carry in our stores, we retain the right for any final decision not to carry a book if we believe it doesn't fit the store's philosophy or our market. Please feel free to contact us if you should have any further questions regarding consignments Grand Rapids,; Okemos,

Consignment Form