Schuler Books Presents the Espresso Book Machine

espresso book printing machine In the Fall of 2009, Schuler Books was one of the first independent bookstores in the USA to acquire an Espresso Book Machine, a patented high-speed automatic book making machine (there were only 20 Espresso Book Machines in the world at that time.)

In a few minutes the Espresso Book Machine can print, bind and trim a high-quality paperback book complete with a full-color cover. These books are indistinguishable from paperback books produced by major publishing companies.

With the Espresso Book Machine, we are able to print books from an ever-growing digital inventory of several million titles, including print-on-demand titles from many publishing companies (Harper Collins, Random House, Simon and Schuster, Saint Martin Press, Authorhouse, iUniverse, etc…) and out-of-print public domain Google books. Thanks to the Espresso Book Machine, books long out of print are once again available.

The greatest demand for our Espresso Book Machine has come from authors interested in our self-publishing services. We have more than 150 self-published works in our Catalog. Among them, Garbio by Larry VanderLeest, featured on NPR, Rhetoric And Representation in Nonfiction Film by Carl Plantinga, which we have shipped to colleges and universities all over the world (Canada, Europe and Australia), and Dante's Dance, a biography of Pastor Dante Venegas, by Jackie Venegas and Chris Meehan, our local bestseller. One of our favorites is The Book of Explosions by the Grand Rapids Creative Youth Center, a collection of stories and poems written by young authors (ages 6-16) living in Grand Rapids, MI. Another favorite is I Am Special and So Are You, a collection of drawings and inspirational texts written by the students from the Camp Fire USA Schools of Hope (all proceeds from the sale of this book go to the Helen DeVos Children Hospital.)

Whether you have written a novel, a collection of poems, a family genealogy, a cookbook, a memoir, or a dissertation, you are able to get printed copies of your book thanks to the flexible and affordable self-publishing services we now offer. If you have any questions regarding the EBM, the availability of a print-on demand or out- of-print title in the machine database or our self-publishing services, please contact us at or call Pierre at (616) 942-2561.

The Book of You

Every life is full of stories. One of the best gifts you can give ‌yourself or those you love: your family’s stories in a book to share for generations. Choose a package, or contact us for a customized package. 

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"After a lot of time and effort, I finally finished writing my first book, Great-Grandma's Trunk I made the decision to have it published at Schuler Books, and am delighted with the results. Their helpful advice and suggestions made it easy for a novice like me, and I was thrilled to see my book roll off the EBM machine. The finished product is very nice, and I like the flexibility to be able to place an order for any number of books."

--Claudette Darling, author of Great-Grandma’s Trunk

For more information about our self-publishing services, please check the following PDFs:

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