How to Create A Wish List

Creating Wish Lists


Want to share a wish list with family and friends?

Create a registry for a special event or occasion like a baby shower or graduation?

Share a wish list for your class or library?

Simply want to save a list of what to read next?

A wish list is easy to make and share! 


1) First, create an account with us. Already have one? You're one step ahead! Log in to your account.

2) Once logged in to your account, search or browse for a title and click on Add to Wish List which you'll find right next to the Add To Cart button.

3)  You'll then get a prompt to Select a Wish List or Create a New Wish List. Select Create a New Wish List, and name it.

4) To share your list, see Wish List Settings following.

Wish List Settings


Once your wish list is created, you may return to it by clicking on the My Account button. Click on the Wish List tab, then take a moment to set your preferences. You must have at least one book on a list to update the settings. 


Title:  You may change the name of your wish list

Your Name: Defaults to your email, but you may change if you prefer

Event or Expiration Date: You can make for a specific date 

Hide Expiration Date: You can hide the wishlist expiration date

Make Private: Should you make your list private, it won’t show up in a search on the website, but may still be shared with those you choose.

Shipping Preference: You may choose to pick up books in store rather than have them shipped. (Great for schools or teachers ordering classroom quantities!)

Add Notes: Should more details need to be communicated

Edit List of Books: Change your wishlist selection

Email Your List: Click on the arrow next to Email Your Wish List then add the recipient and email address. You may personalize the test for Subject and Message. 


Don't forget to click "SAVE" if you make any changes as they will not be saved automatically.

Creative Ideas for Wish Lists:

Inspirational Books – for High School or College Graduates

Cookbook Shower – for couples just starting out on their own

Baby Book Shower – for the new baby on the way

Future Reading List – books you want to read that aren’t released yet

Classroom Wish List – books to build the classroom library

Non-Profit Wish List — books to build a lending library, or gift clients